El Alto ¨Flee Market¨


Looking down over La Paz from 4000 mertre above sea level, El Alto is one of Bolivia’s fastest-growing urban centers.El Alto, Spanish for ‘The Heights’, is not only the the largest city in Latin America inhabited by indigenous Americans, but is the highest major metropolis in the world. Known for its high altitude, cold climate, frequent protests, bustling streets and heavy traffic, El Alto is not for the fainthearted. That being said, the city is a fascinating place for travelers looking to experience local Bolivian life.

One of the city’s main tourist attractions is its open air market; the biggest in all of Bolivia. Stretching over 5 square kilometers the mostly Aimara market sells everything you can think of. Some of the more notable items include car parts, sports equipment, illegal copies of dvds and computer software, second-hand clothing, fake ipods and used medical equipment. Opened on Thursdays and Sundays (the markets biggest day), El Alto Market is not only a unique experience, but a place where travelers stick out like a sore thumb!
Mirando hacia La Paz desde 4.000 metros sobre el nivel del mar, El Alto es uno de los centros urbanos Bolivianos con crecimiento.