Laikakota Park/ Viewing point


One of the best views in La Paz can be seen from Mirador Laikakota, a magnificent lookout point offering not only clear panoramic views of the city center, but a place for children to play and adults to relax.

Mirador Laikakota, from Laika (witch or sorcerer) and Kota (lake or pond), runs along the length of a narrow hill, inside the Chuquiago Valley separating downtown La Paz and Sopacachi from the Miraflores area.

Today, Parque Mirador Laikakota can easily be reached by cable car costing Bs 15 ($2 US) from the city center and Bs 3 ($0.40) to reach the summit from the park. There is also the option to walk, which is a pleasant downward stroll along a series of long wooden boardwalks that wind down into the city’s downtown area toward Sopacachi and over a green pedestrian bridge that crosses the valley. The walk up is obviously a bit more challenging, especially for the un-acclimatised, so it’s best to take it nice and easy.