*What time is check in/check out?

Check-in: 14:00
Check-out: 10:30
*Can we check in early or check out late? What is the cost?

This is subject to availability at the time of arrival. The usual cost per hour is $4USD.

*What are your reception hours?

The reception is open from 8:00 to 17:00; Monday thru Saturday & Sunday; 8:00 to 12:00
If you arrive early to La Paz, we suggest you stay where you arrived or find a coffee shop that opens early and relax until 8:00 when our staff arrives to let you in.
*What if I arrive after your reception hours close?

There is absolutely no problem to arrive after 17:00 but we MUST be informed in writing at least 24 hours prior to the day of your arrival. This will allow us to make arrangements for a member of our administrative staff to be here to meet you.
If you haven´t informed us within the 24 window, your room will not be held and it will not be possible to checkin.
*What if my flight arrives in the middle of the night? How do I check in?

For all ¨red eye¨arrivals, we require that our trusted taxi driver, Samuel, pick you up from the airport and get you checked into your room. This service needs to be requested least 24 hours before arrival in writing and has an extra cost.
*Do you offer luggage storage? If so, how much per day/hour?

Yes, we offer luggage storage free of charge.
*Do you allow smoking on property? In the rooms?

Smoking is strictly prohibited on our entire property except for the patio area located on the ground floor. There is a $100USD fine for smoking anywhere in the building.
*How much do you charge for wireless internet access?

We offer free wireless internet to all of our guests. Please be aware that internet in Bolivia tends to be slow and although we have the best internet connection available (most expensive) it may work slowly at times.
*Do you have a business center? If so, is there an extra cost?

Yes, our common area is complete with a computer, printer, and a scanner all of which are at your disposal free of charge.
*Do you have secure, on-site parking? What is the cost?

Yes, but only small to medium size vehicules can be accomodated. The cost is $5 per night. There is also an on-street parking option which is free of charge.
*What is your policy on children? Is there a minimum age?

For the benefit of all guests, we only accept children 12 years and older. The cost for a child over 12 years old is the same as any other extra adult ($8USD).
*How do I get to the guest house from the bus station? Do you offer taxi service?

We are 15 minutes from the bus station in taxi and 45 minutes on foot. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer transfers because of the extremely informal nature of the bus schedule.
Bolivian buses are notorious for not ever arriving when they are scheduled to and due to social unrest may not even drop passaengers at the bus station making it impossible to connect our driver with arriving guests.
*How do I get to the guest house from the airport? Do you offer taxi service?

Your have two options; first is the ¨local¨ airport van which circulates around the city on it´s way to and from the airport will leave you 3 blocks from Rendezvous and costs around 5bs per person. The second option, is to reserve our trusted taxi driver Samuel. The cost is 80bs.
*What is your cancellation policy?

Hotel cancellation/modification policy (before check-in): If your travel plans change BEFORE having already arrived and checked-in please take into consideration that you will be charged in full if we are not informed in writing at least 10 days before the day you will be arriving.
Hotel cancellation/modification policy (after check-in): If your travel plans change AFTER having already arrived and checked-in please take into consideration that you will be charged in full if we are not informed in writing at least 4 days before 10:30am on the day you will be departing. If within the 5 day window, any cancellations will be charged full price.
*When should I pay my bill? What forms of payment are accepted?

We do not believe in charging for services before we actually deliver them so we ask our guests to pay their bill at the time of check-out. We accept cash or credit card (3% service fee)
*Do you offer laundry service? If so, how much per kg.?

Yes, we offer both express and normal laundry. Normal (24 hours turn around), 16bs per kg. and Express (6 hour turn around) 30bs per kg.
*Is my room cleaned on a daily basis? Is there an extra cost?

Our hardworking cleaning staff cleans rooms once daily at no extra charge. This service is done between 09:00 and 12:00.
*What do I do if I have a question or need help outside of normal reception/administration hours?

After our reception/administration close at 17:00 you can either ask the restaurant staff for help or call the administraion ¨after hours¨ number using the phone located in your room.
*I have a night bus the day I checkout, can I use your facility until I leave?

After check-out at 10:30 you can leace your bags for no extra cost. Our downstairs (breakfast/ restaurant) area is available for use during the day. We, by law cannot allow anyone is not currently checked in to a room to be in the upper floors of the hotel (Bolivian fire code 118c).
*Is La Paz dangerous? Should I be scared to walk around?

La Paz is a a crazy, wonderful and electric Latin American city set in the heart of the Andes.
*Can I use my electronics/devices from home?

Bolivia is 220v at 50hz.
If you are bringing your electronics from a country that uses 110v.
*Can I make telephone calls from my room?

Your room is equipped with a telephone from which you can call anywhere in the world.
*What do I do if I leave before breakfast begins at 08:00?

If you leave before Breakfast begins, we will gladly setup breakfast for you in our common area on the first floor.
*Who can I talk to about day tours and regional tours?

We have an in house travel agent named Ruth who can help you in any way she can
*What do I do if I am sick (altitude or stomach)?

If you have any of these symptoms (headache, dizziness, weakness, vomiting) please let our administrative staff know ASAP. The best idea is to do little activity, drinks lots of water, rest lots, and possibly take Diamox or Sorochi. We have an oxygen tank which you can use if you would like to. If your symptoms do not improve please let us know