Filete de llama a la plancha con dos salsas 

South American mixed grill served with 2 sauces

Duck duo: Grilled breast & confit leg w/ orange sauce

Roasted pork tenderloin w/ tarragon-cream sauce

Lamb duo: Grilled Filet & braised shank

Moroccan style lamb tagine with tazaki sauce

Beef tenderloin filet medallions with sauces

Surf and Turf: Beef tenderloin filet with shrimp

Beef stroganoff with mushrooms and dijon mustard

Trout papillote with meditterean vegetables

Grilled Paichi with a fresh meditterean sauce

Trout stuffed with seafood, saffron sauce

Sole filet w/ capers, cream, lemon, wine & garlic

Chilean seabass in spicy tomato sauce w/shrimp

Andean fish & seafood stew with saffron

Thai style fish stew with Amazonian white fish