Our Policies:


• Check-in hours: 15:00 to 20:00 and Check-out hours: 00:00 to 10:00.
• The cost for early check-in or late check-out is $3 per hour per room (if available).
• Before check-in or after check-out, use of the common room lounge/kitchen, shared facilities, and WIFI is $4USD per person.
• If departing early in the morning of please make sure you pay your bill and order your taxi the morning before. As you please leave, securely lock your keys in your room after checking to make sure that you have not left any of your possessions behind.
• If departing after checkout: secured luggage storage is offered for $2USD per day/per person (special rates for long term).
• Monday -Saturday: 8:00 to 16:00 & Sunday/holidays: 8:00 to 12:00
• English speaking staff is only available from 8:00 to 16:00 (Monday to Saturday).
• For assistance outside of these hours (in spanish only); restaurant staff is available or please call *113 or 72541577
• For assistance outside of these hours (in english) please call: 65546842 or 73088309
• Please reserve your taxis at least 24 hours ahead of time so that we have adequate time to organize it.
• If you are departing before 8:00 (INDEFINITELY), please make sure you pay your bill and order your taxi the morning before. As you leave, lock your keys in your room after checking to make sure that you have not left any of your possessions behind.
• If you are departing before 8:00 (AND RETURNING AT SOME POINT) please securely lock your belongings/bags & room keys
our trusted staff will move it to our secure store room.
• Taxis cost: 80bs to the airport, 25bs to the bus terminal, and 30bs to the cemetery.
• Payments should be made at checkout (or the night before, if departing before 9:00am the following day).
• Both Bolivianos and US Dollars are both accepted forms of currency
• If you would like to pay via credit card, Paypal or bank transfer there is 3% service charge
• At checkin you are given a Rendezvous key chain, you will find two keys; one is for your room and the other is for the ONLY entrance door (the solid white door with the number 461 above it which leads through the passageway on the ground level).
• Please keep your keys with you at all times because there will not be anyone to open the entrance door for you after checkin.
• For the assured protection of your valuables while at Rendezvous, we have provided you with a heavy duty electronic safe for you to use for $3USD per day (PLEASE ENQUIRE IN THE RECEPTION/ADMINISTRATION).
• Bolivia uses ONLY 220v and NOT 110v. Please never plug in any electronic device without checking the voltage.
• Cleaning schedule is 9:00 to 14:00 (please let us know of you would like to have this time changed to better suit you).
• Our staff is trained to keep up with the cleanliness and maintenance of our hostel so the only reason you may request your room not to be cleaned is for a sickness which does not permit you from leaving.
BREAKFAST BUFET (8:00 a 10:30):
• The breakfast buffet is located in the reception/administration area of the hostel on the 1st floor and is available between the hours of 8:00-10:30. The cost for breakfast is $5USD per person.
• If you need to have your clothing washed, dried, and folded (please specify whether machine or line dried), please advise a member of our staff ASAP. It is strictly prohibited to wash and dry clothes anywhere in your room or bathroom.
• The cost per kilo for ¨normal¨ 24 hour laundering is 16bs per kg. (24 hour minimum delivery) and 28bs per kg. for express service (6 hour delivery).
• If you would like your clothes ironed, please advise a member of our staff ASAP. We should be able to get the close back to you within 1 hour. The cost is 4bs por pieza
•All rooms except for our budget rooms are equipped with a wall mounted gas heater. To operate your heater please thoroughly read and follow the detailed instructions posted on the wall above the unit (feel free to ask for assistance).
• If you are in a budget room and would like a heater, we have electric space heaters for rent for $4USD per day.
•As a matter of extreme danger, we kindly ask you to NEVER hang anything on the heater (i.e. clothing, towels, shoes, etc.) because there is a very high risk of starting a fire in your room.
• We ask you to please THROW ALL TOILET PAPER INTO THE TOILET (within reason) and NOT IN THE TRASH BIN provided in your bathroom (our pipes are built for it, unlike the rest of Latin America). Handling and improper disposal of such material can cause huge health risks for you, our staff, and other guests.
• While small quantities of toilet paper are fine to flush, any other personal hygiene material or waste like diapers (both children’s and adults) must go in the trash bin and not in the toilet.
• To properly flush the toilet, please hold both of the flushing mechanism´s buttons for a 3 second count
• The telephone in your room can be used for internal (within the hotel), local, regional or international calls. To call the reception-administration front desk, please dial: *0 or *200 (free of charge).
• For all internal room calls: please dial *10 and then the number of the room you would like to reach (free of charge).
• The cost for calls to local numbers (starting with the number 2) and ALL 800 numbers is 4bs per minute, calls to cellular telephones (starting with the number 6 or 7 or 900 numbers) cost: 6bs per minute, calls to other provinces of Bolivia cost: is 9bs per minute (starting with the numbers 010), and all international calls are 12bs per minute.
• Our facilities are equipped with 4 different routers (RENDEZVOUS 1,2,3,4), which provide Bolivian high-speed wireless internet service (NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE SPEED THAT OF THE 1ST WORLD) to all areas of our interior facilities.
• We kindly ask you to please limit the uploading, streaming, and downloading of videos, music, files, pictures, etc. because this greatly diminishes the speed of our SHARED connection and subsequent enjoyment of your fellow guests.
• All wireless routers are open systems which means that you will not need a password to connect.
• Our common area is only available for use from 8:30 to 22:00 (for noise reasons)
• Our kitchen is fully equipped with a refrigerator, gas stove, microwave, sink, plates, glasses, pans, silverware, etc. (for the benefit of everyone, please wash and clean the areas/items after every use).
• We kindly ask you to avoid cooking with strong ingredients and/or spices (NO CURRIES PLEASE!)
• When using the stovetop, please return the gas valve to its closed position (vertical) after every use
• Please return all books and DVDs back to where you found them.
• La Paz is around 3,650mts above sea level all new arrivals are highly prone to altitude sickness. For this reason we recommend that you take your first 24-48 hours very slowly and drink lots of bottled water.
• We recommend that if you feel comfortable you should purchase Sorochi pills which are a great way to help accelerate the acclimatization process.
• If you would are not feeling well please request to use our oxygen tank ASAP.
• The cost for a new oxygen mask is 40bs (10bs for a recycled/sterilized mask) and the cost of the oxygen is 2bs per minute.
• If your condition worsens, please consult with us so that we work with a great concierge doctor service or can arrange to get you to one of the best hospitals for further evaluation and treatment.
Cancellation/modification policy (before check-in): If your travel plans change BEFORE having already arrived and checked-in please take into consideration that you will be charged in full if we are not informed 10 days before the day you will be arriving. Cancellation/modification policy (after check-in): If your travel plans change AFTER having already checked-in please take into consideration that you will be charged in full if we are not informed in writing at least 5 days before prior.
TRAVEL AGENT:Phone: 65546842 Email: magical_journey17@outlook.com
• Our in-house travel agent is with us 6 mornings a week (Monday - Saturday; 8:00 to 16:00)
• Offers a wide selection of local day tours: Death Road, Chacaltya, Moon Valley, Tiwanku, muella del diablo, city tour
• Offers a wide selection of regional multiday tours: Condoriri, Sajama, Isle of the sun, Copacabana, Choro,
• Offers a wide selection of provincial tours: Uyuni, Sucre, Rurrenabaque, Copacabana, Cusco, Cojiba, Tarija.
ADDITIONAL ¨SENSITIVE¨ POLICIES (all of which are subject to fines):
• Smoking is prohibited everywhere on our property except for the patio/garden area in the back of the building.
• Washing or drying of any items anywhere in your room or bathroom is not allowed (we offer this service).
• Loud and disruptive behaviour especially when caused by intoxication is disrespectful to fellow guests.
• Damaged, lost or destroyed property as a result of careless actions. Keychains cost 180bs.

• Guest´s of all ages are welcome to stay at the property. Children under 12 incur a $20 surcharge. Children over 12, will be counted and charged as a normal adult.