Selection of european style cheeses made in Bolivia

Tour Bolivia: Serrano ham, trout pate & local cheese

Shrimp sauteed in garlic, olive oil, tomato, w. wine

Beef filet carpaccio with capers and parmesean

Brie baked in pastry dough with blackberry coulis

Tomato carpaccio with basil, vinaigrette & parmesean

Grilled Argentinian sausage with chimichurri sauce

Greek salad, our way

Chicken croquettes with honey-mustard sauce

Shrimp croquettes with aioli sauce

Warm goat cheese toasts with salad and figs

Peruvian style “5 minute” marinate trout sashami with passion fruit and ginger

Ensalada Tailandesa con confit de pato desminusado - Thai salad with shredded duck confit

Grilled shrimp skewer with garlic & lime

Fried baby calamari rings with aioli sauce

Chef’s salad w/ grilled beef filet & bleu cheese

Fried Crab & shrimp empanada

Trout and shrimp ceviche, our way

Caprese flat bread pizzettas con serrano ham

French onion soup gratin (choose 1 or 2 portions)

Fried shrimp with aioli sauce

Typical baked empanadas w/ fava bean & local cheese

Local Bolivian chicken dish w/ yellow pepper sauce

Typical Bolivian pork dish with aji sauce & chives

Roasted meditterean vegetables with aioli sauce

Braised baby lamb shank served with potato